Mantid in Jupyter notebook

Mantid in Jupyter

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The Mantid project provides tools to support the processing of materials-science data. This data can be gathered from Neutron scattering or Muon spectroscopy experiments or as the result of simulation. The project provides:

  • a Python library, mantid, providing custom high-performance algorithms and data structures for processing compatible data

  • a general-purpose graphical user interface, MantidWorkench, for visualisation of raw or processed data including

    • matplotlib-based plotting

    • script editor allowing immediate script execution

    • an instrument viewer displaying both 3D and unwrapped views of instruments

    • a slice viewer for slicing through higher-dimensional data

  • custom graphical user interfaces for a variety of scientific techniques to reduce the burden on users understanding how to process their data

The tools are:

Download & Installation#

You can get started by visiting the Installation page where you will find links for download and documentation on the various methods of installation.

User Guides#

Once installed checkout our user documentation for tutorials, algorithm documentation and more.


The Mantid source is hosted on GitHub. There are pages on getting started with development, issue tracking, and more on the development process, tools, testing, etc. on our developer documentation.


Mantid is an open-source project with many contributors. The project is governed by a steering committee separated into 2 working groups: the Scientific Working Group & the Technical Working Group. Each group formulates a roadmap for future developments from either a scientific or technical perspective. For full details of the governance model please see the governance document.

Citing Mantid#

If Mantid contributes to a project that leads to a scientific publication, please acknowledge this work by citing:

  • Mantid (2013): Manipulation and Analysis Toolkit for Instrument Data.; Mantid Project.

  • Arnold, O. et al. Mantid-Data Analysis and Visualization Package for Neutron Scattering and mu-SR Experiments. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 764 (2014): 156-166 doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2014.07.029 (download bibtex)

To cite a specific release then please find the relevant DOI citation under the release notes for that particular version.

Privacy Policy#

Tools provided by the project are able to send both anonymised and identifiable data to help the project in terms of tracking feature usage and collecting error information. Please see our privacy policy for more detail on how this data is stored and used.